Sandstone Lamps

Creative craftsmanship meets modern design: The use of natural sandstone material makes each of our lamps unique. Hue, pattern, structure - each copy is an artwork in itself.

During the day, the lights look like stone works of art, in the twilight but shine their interior values​​.

Sahara Kugel ortsfest
Sahara Globe stationary
Sahara Kugel mit Edelstahlfuß
Sahara Globe with stainless steel stand
Sahara Säule
Sahara Column
Sahara Turm
Sahara Tower
Sahara Wandleuchte
Sahara Wall light
Sahara Würfel
Sahara Cube
Sahara Pyramide
Sahara Pyramid
Sahara Pflanzgefäß
Sahara Planter